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Big wave enthusiast,

ONE WAVE has been a 10-year adventure. For a decade, I have filmed some of the best big wave surfers around the world from Hawaii to Morocco, Northern California to Mexico. For the last four years, I have focused on a small group of elite, female big wavesurfers. This film is the first insiders’ look at the lives of these women fighting for gender equity on the big wave world stage.


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Now is a crucial moment for the sport. Female surfers will have the opportunity to compete in the the legendary Mavericks, CA competition projected to be held in Jan./Feb. 2018. This will be a historic first, much like when Junko Tabei defied gender norms and summited Mt. Everest, or when Billie Jean King battled and beat Bobbie Riggs. What these big wave surfers will accomplish will be a cultural milestone, and it must be documented.  

I have already shot several interviews with the film’s cast in Hawaii and Northern California. The production will follow the women from Northern California to Hawaii, Portugal, Morocco and Mexico for additional shoots and interviews. The production is complex, and requires multiple cameras and watercraft to achieve full coverage.

ONE WAVE needs your support now more than ever. After four years of filming by whatever means necessary, the project is at an inflection point. We need additional funds to finish the production, edit, design sound, compose and license music, and get legal clearance for the film. We need to raise $350,000 to complete the mission.

Your support will help us share these women’s stories with the world. There’s a broad cultural shift underway right now, upending the gender power dynamics in the workplace and in the government halls of power--a remarkable rising tide of equality. The world has never been more ready for this story of female empowerment. ONE WAVE will be released globally, beginning with a festival run and a theatrical release in the United States, followed by a global video on demand release and television broadcast in as many international markets  as possible. Target release date will be January, 2019.

Here is a breakdown of how we plan to use the funds:

  • International shoot locations and crew (Northern California, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Hawaii)
  • Film music rights (for world release)
  • Film sound design and mix
  • Editing and finishing of film
  • Editing various versions of the film to share in as many different outlets as possible: theatrical, domestic broadcast, international broadcast
  • Clearance of stock footage and third party broadcast clips

Please consider supporting the project either through a tax deductible donation, or as an investor. We are happy to share more budget detail as needed, and a return on investment for larger funding as well.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration during this holiday season!

With gratitude,
Sachi Cunningham
Director, ONE WAVE

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