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Las Salinas Health Clinic

Surf & Serve Nicaragua

SFL volunteers built an observation room at the Las Salinas area's only health clinic, providing patients in nine adjacent communities with much-needed privacy when they're visiting the clinic.


Project Details

Project Summary:

Surf For Life and local partner Magnfic Rock Popoyo have partnered to build an observation room for the existing health care clinic in Las Salinas.

In the past 10 years, there has been a spike in hypertension and diabetes cases in the Las Salinas area of Nicaragua. These patients are treated at the health clinic and often have to stay for hours or even days in a row. There is not a separate observation room, so patients are 'observed' in the waiting room. 

The Las Salinas Health Clinic provides primary healthcare to nine adjacent communities with a total population of approximately 5,000 residents. It is estimated that approximately 500 people with chronic illnesses will benefit from this project in addition to a number of non-chronic cases. Adding just one room may seem like a small change, but separating the waiting area from the observation room will vastly improve the healthcare experience for the Salinas residents.

About your Surf & Serve Nicaragua trip:

  • Daily surf lessons from Papaya Wellness surf coach, Carly Fox
  • Daily service work with the community on the Las Salinas Health Clinic
  • 3 healthy, locally sourced meals per day
  • Private airport transportation to and from Magnfic Rock from Managua
  • One restorative yoga class 

Travel to Popoyo, Nicaragua

To get to Popoyo, fly into Managua International Airport (MGA). Upon arrival, you will need to pay a $10USD entrance tax (cash only) so be sure to carry cash during the flight. There is no departure tax. Ground transportation will be pre-arranged from the airport to Magnific Rock (about a 3-hour drive).


Volunteers will be staying in small, simple apartments at Magnific Rock Popoyo, located on a cliff top with breathtaking views of the outer reefs of Popoyo. There is no wireless internet in the apartments, but there is wifi available in the main restaurant area just a few steps away from the apartments.

All meals during the week will be provided by Magnific Rock, and it is recommended that volunteers bring about $200 cash (small bills recommended) with them for any extras or service tips.

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