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Hope Corps projects are made a reality solely through the hard work and fundraising efforts of passionate partners and volunteers. Your contribution will not only directly support the construction of these projects, but it will also build lasting local capacity and powerful cultural exchange. You can support by joining us on an upcoming volunteer trip, donating to a current volunteer or making a general contribution to our cause. All donations are 100% tax deductible, and you will be issued an e-mail tax receipt. Thank you for your contribution!

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Volunteer Testimonials

"Our time there was truly life changing (we're even talking about where we want to go next year as a family) and we have you to thank for that. I proudly wear my SFL T-Shirt around town, and it's caused me to get some questions while running my errands at the local stores. I talk up the experience whenever/wherever I can. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to join your merry band of surfers to help make the world a better place. The experience made us better for having participated."--Monthei Family, El Salvador Bridge Project, Spring 2013

"We had an AMAZING time down in Nicaragua. I have been encouraging my colleagues at work to join different project and so far was able to convince around 5! Our trip leader and the staff at the host hotel were extremely helpful and organized as well as the workers who helped us at the school.Thank YOU for making these projects happen!" --Pablo, Southern Nicaragua Preschool, Spring 2014

"I am so grateful that an organization like this exists & for all those who supported me on my trips.The Surf For Life trips I went on to Costa Rica & Nicaragua were truly unforgettable. After laying down the groundwork (quite literally mixing & laying cement) for a high school & meeting the children of Manzanillo, Nicaragua, it was a gratifying moment to hear that the school is up and running now!"--Polly, Costa Rica Community Center, Fall 2012 AND Nicaragua High School, Spring 2013

"I can't even begin to describe how much fun I had on this trip. I think the stars aligned in a lot of ways for our group, and we all had an amazing experience in Las Salinas!"--Nick, Southern Nicaragua Preschool, Spring 2014

"I had beyond an amazing time on the trip!!! Everyone involved were incredible. I can't say enough."--Daniel, Northern Nicarauga Elementary School, Spring 2014

"This was honestly one of the best trips I've been on, we maxed out each day, couldn't have fit more in if we tried. The Las Salinas community is awesome and Magnific Rock is a super chill, friendly place to stay. Thanks for making it all possible!"--Jesse, Southern Nicaragua Preschool, Spring 2014

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